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80 years of success built on solid foundations.

In 1935, Ettore Grassi, founded Artiglio, in Milan: a galvanising premise, built on excellence and innovation. Today, after many sacrifices and successes, Fosfantartiglio L.E.I has become a leader,worldwide, in the anti-corrosion plating industry.
In 1953, Artiglio became Fosfantartiglio L.E.I, under the guide Carlo Grassi, the son of the founder, who in addition to the static phosphate application on  radiator parts and battery plating, installed  new systems for treating nuts and bolts.

1964 was the year of a huge leap in quality. It was in this period that the first Rho factory was established, and, a few years later, the company acquired the Dacral license (today NOF) for carrying out Dacromet® anticorrosion treatments.

In the 1980s, Carlo Grassi was joined by his son and daughter, Fabio and Loredana.
Together, in 1989, they expanded the Rho factory, adding 6.000 sq.m of roofed spaces to the existing plant, equipping it with new and advanced, automated systems that increased the company’s production capabilities.

In 2015 Acc. Carlo Grassi becomes Fosfantartiglio L.E.I. President and appoints his son Fabio as Managing Director.

The Nineties and the beginning of the new century marked the definitive affirmation of  Fosfantartiglio L.E.I. on a worldwide scale. Always one step ahead in the realisation of anti-corrosion treatments – also thanks to an agreement with DÖRKEN  for the LAMELLARI DELTA® - MKS treatments – and with a head office in continual expansion, which reached a good 55.000 sq.m.

Eighty years later these strategic decisions, executed with constant attention to ideas and ideals, have given life to a solid and concrete reality that pays the utmost attention to the environment, people and the satisfaction of its clients’ needs.

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