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Specialists in superficial, anti-corrosion treatments.

Flexibility, quality, continuity and respect for delivery deadlines. Fosfantartiglio L.E.I.’s plants meet all the requirements to rapidly satisfy every demand with maximum returns.

All of our production lines are designed for high capacity and high quality, producing a total of 650 tons of finished parts per day, using the very best technologies available today.  The machines are all automated and computerised, providing secure and efficient traceability of all production batches.

• 5 automated Zinc-Nickel production lines
• 4 automated Zinc plating (various) production lines
• 5 automated treatment production lines for Geomet® Laminar
• 1 automated Zinc-Iron production line
• 1 automated production lined for Dörken automatic treatment with 5 ovens
• 2 plants for every type of Oiling and Sealing requirements.




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